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If you FEEL there is something missing in LIFE...

...It is almost ALWAYS a BISCUIT

About FitLittleBiscuit

Sport, exercise and fitness have always been important to me. I’ve played netball all my life and have run the London Marathon. After 20 years in a desk job, I decided to retrain and pursue a career I now love, completing my Level 3 Personal Training qualification.


I am passionate about connecting people with exercise so they can enjoy all the physical and mental benefits of feeling happier, fitter and stronger, hopefully less stressed or tired, and ready to take on the world.


I know with all of life’s challenges and demands that motivation and commitment can be tough, and taking that first step is always the hardest, so well done if you’re reading this.


Laughter and enjoyment are as important to me as the exercise which is why I believe in making all sessions as fun as they are rewarding, helping you fulfill your potential with a smile on your face.


Something for everyone

The best investment you will ever make is in yourself. Fitness is one of the greatest forms of self-care and we all deserve it. I know it can be hard to take that first step and find the motivation, but once you start your fitness journey and start experiencing the benefits and rewards, you’ll wonder why you’ve waited so long. You are the only person who can make the change, but I will do everything to motivate and support you on your journey to becoming a Fit Little Biscuit.


The Classes

Is it time for you, your team, or even your organisation to devote some energy to your personal fitness and wellbeing? We’re all working hard and doing our best to thrive, and feeling physically and mentally fit will only help us to perform at our best. Never underestimate the power of fitness.


All my classes are inclusive and suitable for all abilities. You’re in control of how hard you work. You can vary the exercise intensity and increase your recovery period, and where possible I offer lower impact alternatives. We predominantly work to intervals in all my sessions, and they are a combination of Strength and Conditioning movements. We regularly lifti weights and have fun. All classes include a mobility style warm-up, and will finish with an optional relaxing cool-down stretch. All kit and mats are provided you just need some water. 


There are immense benefits to this training style, including improving your cardiovascular fitness and metabolic health (reducing risk of diabetes, high-cholesterol, heart disease, blood pressure, etc). Though the immeasurable bonus to all exercise is the release of endorphins which boost your mood, make you feel fantastic and can help reduce anxiety and stress.


This is a 45 minute strength class, using weights. Weights help us build and maintain muscle, which is necessary for all of us, especially as we age. Post-menopausal women can lose 1-2% of their bone mass each year. Regular strength training can make muscles stronger, helps strengthen bones, build stability and can reduce our risk of injury. Lifting weights can also be very empowering and help you build confidence.

By adding load it means when our bodies are put under extra force, they are prepared and capable of withstanding this extra force. Lifting weights does not mean you will bulk up. The earlier we start, the better, so we can remain independent as we age.


We will use a selection of weights for upper and lower body work and core stability. The class will include a mobility style warm up and finish with a lovely 10-15 min stretch, which helps aid the recovery process and keep your joints healthy.


Bespoke Little Biscuit

If you’re looking for a more tailored program then I offer 1:1 sessions for either 30 or 60 mins inside my home gym. We will work together, enjoying tailored sessions designed to achieve your goals, whether they be around performance, body composition or just general wellbeing, confidence and motivation. You will encompass the various training types - resistance, intervals, flexibility, strength, CV endurance etc. If you have someone you enjoy training with, and you are looking to get fit together, preparing for an upcoming event or get away, then try my paired PT. Every session promises to be fun and rewarding. We will use a variety of equipment as well as bodyweight exercises to keep sessions fresh, never losing sight of the end game. I can also write you a 30, 60 or 90 day plan - get in touch for details.


For all classes, you can pay-as-you-go (PAYG), or you can subscribe to a monthly subscription - get in touch for more information. Personal Training costs are mentioned below. All class bookings should be made via and payments via cash or bank transfer. 

Contact me for Personal Training enquiries.




All sessions - £7
Friday Zoom - £3.50
Bespoke Fitness Plan - POA

30, 60 or 90 day fitness plan

1:1 30mins - £25
1:1 60mins - £45
Paired PT 60mins - £25 each

Monthly subscription: £50 
Stay accountable - access 2 sessions each week and additional sessions at a reduced price.

Monday 9:15am - Pyrford Cricket Club

Tuesday 9:15am - Pyrford Cricket Club

Tuesday 6:30pm - Pyrford Cricket Club

Wednesday - REST DAY

Thursday 9:15am - Pyrford Cricket Club

Friday 7:30am - Zoom (online) 

Saturday 9:15am - Pyrford Cricket Club

Sunday - REST DAY

Classes subject to change -

please visit for latest schedule.


Contact Fitlittlebiscuit  |  Tel: +447477365336

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